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Charlene Labuschagne (Mediator/Lawyer)

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Charlene has been an advocate for more than 10 years.  To this day she meets every client face-to-face and priotizes a personal touch in everything she does.  


Phone: (072) 37 11 3 22

Elna Jacobs


Responsible for all things administrative and operational, Elna has been assisting for the past few years. Any case regarding case management will have Elna at the steering wheel.


Phone: (011) 814 1298

Daphne Venter (PR & Marketing)

Daphne is who you'll want to have in your corner to help manage the perceptions and attitudes of the internal and external publics of the organization. She's the best there is when it comes to selecting the perfect media for your company.


Phone: (011) 814-1298